Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

Do you believe your loved one was an untimely victim of Wrongful Death? There is no quick emotional recovery for those who have lost someone due to the negligence of another person, persons, company, or organization. However, what can be accomplished is financial recovery for the bereaved and a sense of justice by taking a Wrongful Death lawsuit or claim to court. Below are a few commonly asked questions and answers regarding Florida’s Wrongful Death lawsuits.

What is Wrongful Death?

A Wrongful Death occurs when a person, persons, company, or organization acts in a manner determined to be negligent (such as careless driving), deliberate (such as a mistake known but left uncorrected by hospital personnel), or reckless, causing an injury leading to a premature death, or a death that might otherwise have been avoided.

Who is eligible to claim a Wrongful Death?

According to Florida Law, either the heirs of the departed or the individual’s personal representative, as named by the departed’s will or ascertained by court, can file a Wrongful Death lawsuit for financial compensation.

How much is my Wrongful Death case worth?

Determining the value of a Wrongful Death claim is one of the hardest jobs for any attorney. What I can tell you is that I will apply my personal experience of over 20 years of Florida personal injury claims with a broader knowledge of how Florida claims have gone historically to ascertain a reasonable settlement zone for your claim. While those previous values are often different, from here we can establish a credible amount to request from the jury and work hard to ensure that any attempt by Insurance companies to offer low early amounts will be met with sound advice.

In Florida, a concept called net accumulations is generally used to calculate the economic loss of an individual’s Estate. This sum includes what that person might have garnered throughout their life had that person not been the victim of a Wrongful Death. Additional recoverable amounts include medical and federal expenses due to the injury, manner, and death of the individual along with claims for mental pain and suffering.

What to do next?

If you or a loved one believe that misconduct, wrong doing, careless behavior, or any other similar type negligence led to the premature death of a family member, contact the Law Office of Brian Adler today.

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