Motorcycle Accidents
Florida residents are utilizing motorcycles more than ever before. There are approximately 600,000 motorcycles registered in the state of Florida. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that over the last few years there has been a steady rise in the number of motorcycle accidents in South Florida.
When other drivers are distracted or aggressive, they become a threat to all other vehicles—especially motorcycles. A quick lane change is all it takes for a reckless driver to cause a horrific motorcycle accident.

Statistics to know with Motorcycles
Males between the ages of 25 and 34 are at the highest risk of suffering injuries in a motorcycle accident

Common Injuries as a result of Motorcycle Accidents include:
* Broken Bones
* Back and Neck Injury / Spinal Cord
* Traumatic Brain Injury

Motorcycle Safety Precautions:
* Wear a helmet
Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that wearing a motorcycle helmet significantly reduces the incidence of head injuries in accidents. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for every 100 motorcyclists killed in a crash while not wearing a helmet, 37 would have survived if they had been wearing a helmet

* Get a motorcycle license 
Most states require that bikers get a special motorcycle license in order to ride on the roads. Usually, riders must pass a knowledge test and a skills test. Some states require bikers to also take a motorcycle safety course.

* Get professional training
Motorcycle riders who are self-taught or taught by friends account for more than 90 percent of bikers involved in motorcycle accidents.

* Wear protective clothing
 Protect yourself by wearing goggles or sunglasses, a jacket, full- fingered gloves, long pants, and boots.

* Maintain your bike 
Making sure your motorcycle is in excellent running condition is of the utmost importance to safety

* Don’t share lanes 
Cars don’t expect to be sharing a lane with other vehicles. Drivers tend to look for cars in other lanes, and often won’t notice a motorcycle sharing a lane with them.

* Avoid road hazards
Road hazards, including debris in the road or slick conditions, are more dangerous for motorcycles than for cars and can lead to severe injuries.

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