Drunk Driving Accidents:
If you are involved in an accident that is caused by a drunk driver, and you are able to prove it, then you may claim punitive damages in a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit may also be pursued in the case of a family member being killed due to the negligence of a drunk driver.
In order to make your case, you will have to establish the intoxication level of the defendant, prove that the level of alcohol consumption was too high for the safe operation of a motor vehicle and show that the defendant didn’t exercise reasonable care for the safety of the public.

The purpose of a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver is to win compensation for the victim and his or her family for:
* Medical bills
* Lost wages
* Future loss of earning capacity
* Pain and suffering
* Disability or disfigurement
* Property damage
* Funeral Expenses

Drunk driving accidents are often more serious than other car accidents where alcohol wasn’t involved. In fact, recent numbers show that as of 2009, alcohol-related deaths in car accidents made up almost 40% of all deaths from car accidents in the state of Florida.

The legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (“BAC”) limit in Florida is 0.08%. This means that if you have been drinking and then get behind the wheel of a car while the concentration of alcohol in your blood is 0.08% percent or higher, you are presumed to be impaired and unable to drive safely. In any situation where law enforcement has a reasonable belief that you are impaired while in control of a motor vehicle you may be criminally charged and prosecuted.

Below are the criminal penalties in the state of Florida if you are convicted of a DUI for the first time:
* Jail time of up to 6 months
* A fine between $250 and $500
* Lose your driver’s license for at least 6 months (or 1 year if you don’t take the breathalyzer test, even if you are found not guilty in court)
* Probation for up to 1 year
* 50 hours of community service
* 12 hours of DUI School

If you or a family member has been injured in a drunk driving accident, please call Adler Injury Law today at (800)-4-USA-Law for a free consultation. We accept all of our cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will never be charged for any fees or costs unless we get monies from the defendants or their insurance companies. We look forward to your call and to helping you get what you deserve.

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