Bus Accidents

A deadly accident involving a bus occurs every two and a half hours in this country according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration. Unfortunately, Bus Accidents are as tragic as they are common. Bus accidents carry a great risk of injury due to substantial size and weight of these vehicles, the lack of seat belts (none on school buses), unsecured luggage and personal effects as well as other faulty and negligent issues from poor maintenance.

When bus accidents occur, they can involve lots of different people and can be the responsibility of many different parties. Finding a great attorney to review the case is critical. A claim can involve the bus manufacturer, those that maintain the upkeep of the bus, the people responsible for loading the bus when it involves displacement of people or items. It can be against a government or municipality or simply against the bus driver or company. 

Common Causes of Bus Crashes
Due to driver negligence include:
* Driver Distraction
* Aggressive Driving
* Driver fatigue
* Speeding
* Driving under the influence of a substance

Due to company negligence includes:
* Inadequate training of the drivers
* Required Inspections not being performed
* Not keeping vehicles in top-notch maintenance
* Pressuring drivers to work longer hours

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