Property Damage: Your vehicle is damaged, or totaled. You don’t have safe transportation; or any transportation. You need someone to pay for a rental vehicle fast and you need money to repair or replace your vehicle. A Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you. We have years of experience assisting people resolve their auto claim, we know what to expect and we can help you navigate the maze of insurance companies, repair shops and rental vehicles. We can usually get you back on the road in a rental, and help get your car repaired or replaced quickly.

Medical Bills: You were treated by paramedics and transported by ambulance to the hospital. You know that you’ll be getting expensive bills soon. You need to know who will pay your bills and you want to act fast so your credit won’t be ruined. A Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you. We assist people with outstanding medical bills after an auto accident. We know your rights and we know how to get your bills paid. We will guide you through the process of submitting your medical bills for payment and fighting for the fair compensation you deserve so that you won’t be out of pocket for your medical bills.

Injuries: You are sore and bruised, or worse. After a traffic accident, you may be thinking about your car repair and your high medical bills, but it’s your health that is most important. We will guide you through the delay and complication of finding the right doctors, scheduling medical appointments and correctly documenting your injuries. Accident Law provides compensation when you are injured in a traffic accident. We have years of personal injury experience fighting insurance companies for fair compensation.



Insurance companies spend billions of dollars in advertising trying to get you to be a customer. They use catchy slogans and warm images. But be sure, they are in business to make a profit. The more money they pay for claims, the less money they earn. Insurance companies don’t really care about you, they care about profits. Get help from a Personal Injury Lawyer. We have years of experience analyzing insurance policies, researching Florida accident laws, documenting insurance claims, negotiating claims and fighting insurance companies for our clients to get fair compensation. Before you trust an insurance company to pay what you deserve, call us. Your first consultation is always free.


We handle all cases on ‘contingency fee.’ That means you don’t pay any money to us and you don’t owe us anything until we win your case. Studies show that insurance claims usually resolve more favorably when you are represented by a Personal Injury Lawyer. We have years of personal injury experience working hard to maximize compensation for our clients We are committed to achieving the best possible results for you. Before negotiating with an insurance company on your own, call The Law Office of Brian H. Adler.

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