Rules of the Road for Cyclist and Motor Vehicle

Each year, a number of bicyclists die in traffic accidents involving automobiles, and thousands more are injured, statistics forwarded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We look at drivers and bicyclists’ responsibilities, and the laws of the road for driving with bicyclists. According to Florida “safe passing law” its compulsory that a driver of a

Motor vehicle accident differences

In 2015, the federal government estimated that the number of deaths on motorcycles were about 45 times the number of deaths in cars. These deaths were a function of the number of head injuries, which are more common among motorcyclists. It is estimated that about 37% of deaths could be prevented by wearing a helmet.

Independent Medical Examiner

When there is a dispute about your medical condition in your workers’ comp case, the insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical examination by a doctor they choose. IME doctors issue reports that carry legal weight and can be used as evidence to establish the degree of your disability. Due to the

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